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Be Fulfilled & Happy IN YOUR LIFE

Develop the strategies for not only surviving but thriving in your life, relationships & marriage. 



He is a Life/Marriage Coach, Transformational Speaker, Pastor & Author. He is the Senior Pastor at House of Praise Foursquare Church, Bellevue WA. Olu is a graduate of the International Bible Institute of London and University of Greenwich, London UK. He further pursued the call to ministry and graduated in 1999 from Surrey University, UK with a master’s in theology. Olu went on to receive his Doctor of Divinity in 2017. 

Olu has planted churches in Europe. He's spent his life in ministry serving the body of Christ. Olu's concern for the problems of our communities is expressed by his transformational approach to mentoring, coaching and leadership based on strong biblical and spiritual principles.


 From Africa, Europe to North America, many people have been touched by his message of transformation, healing and God's love through his stewardship ministries. Read more



  • Learn how to transform your life or marriage.
  • Inspiring audiences to think with a fresh & entertaining approach

Having Dr. Hollu in my life as a coach, mentor and pastor has been life transforming. I met him at very low point in my life, I was going through divorce, lost of job etc. He really stood by my side and helped me through it. Today, I am where I am with his great mentorship.


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